In this biting satire, a radical group of young white nationalists face infighting after being confined to house arrest for an Islamophobic stunt.

Stuck in their confined clubhouse, the core members of Australian Nationalists United – a radical group of white nationalists – face infighting as they plan their next move. Leader Wendell is trying to legitimise the controversial group, registering them as a political party and beginning to sell merch, a path resisted by the neo-Nazi-linked Trevor, whose shady connections bring the group closer to even more trouble. Meanwhile, right hand man Matty is trying to find a way to cut ties and leave the group once and for all, revealing his burgeoning relationship with Fatima, a young Muslim woman.

In the tradition of classic satires like Four Lions and Down Under, F Off We’re Full shines a light on the new, dangerously popular world of young, modern right-wing extremism in Australia and across the world.

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